Hey there, I'm Calan.

I'm an SEO Specialist who teaches Entrepreneurs and Business Owners the fundamentals of setting up and maintaining a successful online business using search engine optimization tactics.

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What working with me looks like

Getting clear on the vision you have for your business • Creating a map for where you want to go

I work with you to get clear on your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for your website and your business. I help develop your content strategy growth plan, keyword planning, email list building, podcast development, and more to boost your searchability on Google and search engines and drive more traffic to your website product or service.



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A Beginners Course On How To Start An Online Business

In This Course with Calan Breckon,

You'll Learn:

✅ The foundational skills for building a profitable online business in 2023.

✅ How to create recurring revenue through a website, affiliate sales, online courses, memberships, and podcasting.